Toothpaste for Pimples, Does it really work?

Got yourself a 3-piece suite, a knockout date to the dance, and a killer— pimple! And why did you just notice this today when the dance you have waited for so long is going to be tomorrow? Now, you are doomed!

Not just yet you know because you can always resort to easier and faster solutions without going to the pharmacy for very expensive medicines. That is by using toothpaste for pimples that have grown too fast you only come to know of this late. this is not a myth, and actually an old school remedy for such problem because the ingredients used in making this product is good in drying skin which could be the affected area of pimples or acne. If you have not ever used toothpaste in place of an acne cream ever, here is a step by step instruction on how you can do remove such skin problem by simply applying toothpaste to clean acne overnight:

Toothpaste on pimples

Does it really work?

Steps for applying toothpaste on pimples:

  1. Choosing the toothpaste.
    Toothpastes have been widely used as an alternative to expensive pimple and acne creams found only in pharmaceuticals. Generally, all brands of this paste are effective in drying pimples out. Still, the most recommended type is the regular white because it is made from the natural ingredients and without any flavors whatsoever. You should also refrain from using the more modern whitening or fluoride-full products because they have very strong ingredients that will aggravate your skin rather than dry it out to remove the pimples on it.
  2. Preparing the affected area.
    Washing your face is very important in the curing process of your pimples. These unwanted reddish mini mountains are usually caused by dirt and/or damage on your skin, so making sure that additional dirt or damage will not happen during the curing process by warding them off. You should also use mild-strength soap for this, as well as warm tap water.
  3. Protection for your skin.
    You don’t want any dirt from your nails or worst, callus hurt your face. Therefore, use a soft hand cellophane like a glove or something to keep your hands off your skin. You can also choose to use a facial sponge if you wanted to. Any of this will keep your hands’ skin from directly touching your face, which might prove to be too bad if it accidentally rupture your pimples.
  4. Application.
    You need just a small amount of toothpaste to apply on your pimple and around it. This means, the amount of toothpaste you need is going to basically depend on how many pimples you have. Just make sure that you don’t overdo the amount and the application as these will surely irritate your skin as well as your pimples even more.
  5. Procedure.
    It is very important that you apply the toothpaste onto your pimples appropriately to ensure good results from the deed. To do that, allow your hands with the pea-size toothpaste dab on the pimple on a circular motion. Once the pimple is fully covered, continue the circular stroke until you are able to make a ring around it. Doing this will guarantee that the entire affected area will be covered and thus will completely dry and healed overnight. That way, you will be able to come to the dance without the disgusting pimples.
  6. The result.
    Done perfectly, you can rest assured that your pimple will be dried overnight. And when it does, you simply need to peel the dried skin or dead cells off where they are. The dried skin represents the pimple that has been cured and dried by the toothpaste. Just remember that all those dried cells may still be a part of a ‘good’ skin, so make sure that you are very careful when peeling them off. If you don’t, you will risk your skin from rupture that will become your next problem. You don’t want that, you know. At least not now that you are all prepped up for the dance with your loved one that you have waited for a very long time now.
  7. Sustenance.
    After getting your pimple cured, you should still provide the necessary cleaning and caring on your skin to prevent another round of pimples to grow. This is very important because most of those that never continue cleaning their skin usually get rebound from their pimples—talking about revenge of the pimples. For you to never undergo that same mistake, make cleaning and washing your face as natural as brushing your teeth.

This old school trick of putting toothpaste on pimples might work for most of you but in some cases it may cause skin irritation. Now that you know the great deals of having a good brand of regular white toothpaste can do to you and your first aid against any unwanted skin problems, make sure that you always add it on the top of your to-buy list every time you visit your favorite grocer.

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