Romantic Movies that makes you cry

Movies take us to a different plane where an alternate reality becomes part of our existence for a few hours. We become emotionally entangled at times and the feeling often remains long after we return from the theater. This is actually more applicable in the case of sad romantic movies. “Sad” and “Romantic” are two genres that bring out our true emotional selves from within us and we respond to the fictional stimulus as if it is the truth of our lives too. There are many romantic movies that makes you cry, feel desperate, and the word that sums it up best is ‘involved’.

List of Sad Romantic Movies That Makes You Cry

There is no dearth of such movies. A few carry the essential idea till the last reel while the others lose the plot midway or even earlier. This is the reason why some become classics while others end up as also-ran cinematic adventures. If one makes an unbiased enquiry and tries to list the top 10 sad romantic movies, it would always differ from one person to another. However, there is a consensus at large about some of these romance movies to watch. Let us try to list them in random order.

Sad romantic movies

I told you not to fall in love with me.

Titanic – The story of doomed lovers involved in the worst shipwreck of human history is masterly brought to celluloid by James Cameron. The indefatigable quest of lovers to keep together in time of crisis and their silly escapades on the ship itself are the high points of the movie.

Gone with the Wind – People from all demography went crazy for Scarlett ‘O’ Hara and her liaison with Rhett butler, the most enigmatic lovers of their time. Played by Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, the movie majestically moved from the plantation of Tara to the Civil War between North and South America. Margaret Mitchell’s notable book was perfected as a cinematic dream. It evoked great emotional response from the crowd and is treated among the top romantic tearjerkers of all time.

Casablanca – Set in times of World War II, the movie highlighted on a person’s ability to choose between love and virtue. It set new bars for moral custodianship. Both the leads delighted audiences with their craft.

The Notebook – The movie did not involve too much of razzmatazz and it was shot over a small canvas. The endearing tale of two hearts and their desire to tide over adversity is the central theme of the movie. The heroine suffers from Alzheimer and forgets everything about her past every so often. However, the hero keeps defying fate and makes a fresh start each time. The last scene where they die together peacefully on a hospital bed has been known to make even the coldest of people cry.

Romeo and Juliet – It was written five centuries ago by William Shakespeare and its appeal never withered for a moment. The story revolves around two star-crossed lovers from the Montague and Capulet family who meander through the lanes of unbridled love and finally seek peace only in death. Its cinematic adaptation mesmerized audiences across the globe. It leaped to the classic roll of honor touching several human hearts along the way.

P.S I Love You – This sad romantic film is adapted from a book by Cecilia Ahern and teaches how to cope with lost love. Its influence is most global among its peers as it tries to see death and bereavement more rationally. The male protagonist played by Gerard Butler dies at a young age and leaves behind a wife (Hillary Swank) who is shattered after his death. Through many letters that follow, he opens the road to a new life for his wife. He effectively wipes out his memories from her mind and explains her true relevance of life. In due course, she comes out of the gloom and starts living out the dream her husband had for her. It is among most notable romantic movies to watch.

Sleepless in Seattle – It is about a widower and how his son wishes to rejuvenate his life. In the quest, he arranges for his meeting with a therapist and love splinters are ignited between them from thereon. The movie reaches out towards a sad climax giving us cinematic moments to treasure.

Pearl Harbor – To most of us Pearl Harbor is about Japan’s bombing of US fleets but the movie has changed or reshaped history by detailing the more human side of the conflict. Three people involved in a love-triangle become a wasted subplot in the bigger picture of war between countries. Their love and its immortal tale bring golden drops of tears to us.

Elizabethtown – Failing in almost every endeavor in life, Orlando Bloom’s character comes across further professional failure and his father’s death. While in his father’s place for conducting his last rites, he comes across a widow Kirsten Dunst. Together, they walk through the path of gloom, bereavement and heart-wrenching love.

I Dreamed of Africa – It will suffice saying that the movie keeps piling one tragedy upon another and yet the persistent quality of love triumphs through all odds. This must be in your list of sad romance movies to watch.

There are many more films that can be recommended for people looking for sad romantic movies. The list is virtually endless. Names like ‘Ghost’, ‘Sweet November’, ‘A Walk to Remember’ and ‘West Side Story’, ‘A Walk to Remember’, ‘Message in a Bottle’, ‘The Vow’, ‘Dear John’, ‘Bridges of Madison County, ‘City of Angels’ come to the mind straightaway.

Romantic Tearjerkers are Ageless

Times change and concept of moviemaking changes with it too. What worked for action about 5 decades ago will not work now. The style of holding the camera has changed too. The jump cuts used for some of the earlier movies have become a thing of past. Similarly, so much has also changed over the genres of crime, thriller, and comedy. However, love is an all-encompassing feeling that has not changed a wee bit. Even today, you can make a movie like Gone with the Wind and it will succeed (this comment is not based on hindsight). This is primarily because love does not need new celluloid tools to capture it.

It just requires emotions, precision of dialogue delivery and a truly inspired heart to create an endearing love tale. There are directors who can weave such magic even today because they have not stopped believing in love. They feel that this all-transcending feeling should be projected through celluloid because the stories deserve to be told.

Sad Romance Movies Will Never Lose Their Charm

It might be a period film based in a particular age or a dreamy romance about future age. It might just flit in anywhere between the past and future and ably depict our own times. The central theme remains the same. Till the time it will be given importance as a cinema genre we will have ample of romantic movies that makes you cry. These might not be the times of high disposable income but things are improving on country’s financial horizon. People are looking once again to make expansive cinema and there are many who are willing to pay again to watch it. If you miss out watching them in the cinemas, you can watch the romantic tearjerkers online. There are plenty of places where you can relive your theatric experience. Internet has allowed us the great mobility to watch our favorite sad romantic movies time and again and it must be thanked for its effort.

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