How to Remove Carpet

The use of carpet for home improvement is popular to many homeowners not only because it provides an additional accent to the internal part of the house but also it provides great benefits to people inside the house by providing warmth especially during cold season. Carpet is a textile floor covering that are made from manmade fibre like nylon, polyester or polypropylene and wool that is considered to be a good source of warm temperature. If you are planning to install new hardwood flooring for the beautification and improvement of your home you can save a lot of money from removing your old carpet yourself. There is no need for you to hire professional or to be fully skilled on how to remove carpet and you only need few tools and idea on how to the task. Remember that one of the most expensive changes that you can have when improving your home is replacing an old carpet with new one which also includes installation and disposal charge so it will be a big help if you do it yourself. There are homeowners that frequently changes their carpet flooring not only because of home improvement but also there are situations that their carpet usually gets carpet stains that causes carpet to be damaged and to look ugly.

Here are some important factors that can help you on how to remove carpet yourself without requiring you to hire professionals and to shell out big amount of money.

removing carpet

Initial Step before Tearing Out your Old Carpet

Before doing the task on removing the carpet it is important for you to know how much money you will save from removing your old carpet by yourself. You can ask your carpet installer that will install your new flooring and you may also be provided with tips on handling unfamiliar issues when dealing with the removal of the carpet. It is necessary to clear the floor completely by removing all of your furniture, doors that swing into the room like bifold closet doors and any other things that will intercept with the task. It is recommended for you to wear protective gloves to protect your knuckles from the rough carpet backing and sharp tack strip and aside from gloves you may also wear musk especially if you are sensitive to dust since there’s a lot of dust that are trapped inside your old carpet. You need to be aware of the type of the carpet glue that was used in your old carpet so that you know the tools that are needed to remove carpet.

The first thing you need to dislodge when removing your old carpet is the carpet tack strips that secures the carpet to your floor and after dislodging the tack strip you can start pulling your carpet away but you have to remember that it will require you to exert extra effort and strength to pull your carpet especially if the carpet glue that was used sticks hard. You need to grasp the old carpet in one corner then pull the carpet up to unhook it and roll the part that is pulled to keep the carpet in one piece and make it easy for you to carry the carpet once your done removing it and once your carpet has been removed and taken out of the room it is also important to dislodge the carpet padding the same way you have removed the carpet then you can throw them away to your trash. You can request for a special pick up of your old carpet by calling your local trash collector agency in your place especially if you want to get rid of them immediately.

Safety Tips When Removing Carpet

When removing your old carpet you may experience hurting your knuckles, having dust allergies and even hurting your foot because of uncovered tack strip. So it is important to take extra care and watch out for the nails sticking out from the tack strips. Using safety gears like musk and gloves is a big help to prevent you from hurting yourself and developing allergies while removing your old carpet. It is also not advisable to do the task with barefoot because you might step on sharp nails that will surely be scattered on the floor once you do the task.

Removing your old carpet by yourself will save your hard earned money from paying for expensive charges just to remove your old carpet. You just need to know these simple ways on how to remove carpet from your floor especially if you are planning for a home development project. For homeowners who are planning for a home improvement project on changing their flooring one wise decision is to remove their old carpet without hiring professionals and without spending money on removing them.

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