How to get rid of stuffy nose fast

Suffering from a stuffy nose is common among many people. The condition causes one to loose sleep, have a running nose that forces wiping every short period and making one to slow down in different activities. The good news is that there are different ways on how to get rid of stuffy nose fast without medications. This condition is caused by swellings in the nasal linings causing inflammation of blood vessels. Eventually a patient will suffer from blocked air passages and continuous mucous flow.

As a result of blocked air passages from mucous, patients will have difficulties when breathing. At night this can cause snoring. Stuffy nose causes irritation in the nostrils which can then lead to one feeling ear aches. This condition can be managed by using the following simple home remedies for stuffy nose.

Home remedies for stuffy nose

The following are some simple answers on getting rid of runny noses.

How to get rid of a stuffy nose?

How to get rid of a stuffy nose?

  • Using a humidifier
    Using a humidifier inside your home ensures the environment air is kept moist. When the machine has been used, it ensures membranes inside the nostrils responsible for mucous secretion are retaining moist condition. For areas that have dry air, membranes will become dry thus causing one to have stuffy nose. From time to time always ensure filters inside the humidifier are changed to ensure cleaner air is circulating inside the room.
  • Using decongestants
    One simple way on how to get rid of stuffy nose is to use over the counter decongestants. However it is important to ask the doctors advice before using new medication. Decongestants are ideal as they help in decreasing rate of inflammations on the sinuses. When this is done then the mucus that is released will drain easily making one to feel better.
  • Places with smoke
    For people who are suffering from stuffy noses, then they should move away from places where there is smoke. In fact people who smoke should stop the habit until when they feel well. Smoke is an irritant as well as others like perfumes and they cause the upper respiratory cavity to be irritated. Smoke causes sinuses linings to be swollen and inflamed. The damaged sinuses cause infections that can go for a longer time thus the condition might recur over and over again.
  • Take a hot shower and beverages
    Taking a hot shower for someone suffering from stuffy nose may be a good solution. The hot steam will help in relieving pressure from the head and nose. In addition vessels will be dilated thus opening nasal linings. This allows easier breathing. A good hot bath just before sleeping is recommended and will enable one a comfortable sleep. Hot beverages like cocoa, tea and chocolate are also important in helping to relive nasal pressure for a decongested cavity. This is good especially when during winter periods.
  • Use moist warm compress on the face
    Applying a moist but warm compress on the face is important. However ensure that the compress is covering mouth, nose and eyes. This can be done as many times as possible. The hot or warm moisture coming from the compress will dilate blood vessels in the nasal lining. This will in turn help in decongesting cavities in sinus hence easy breathing.
  • Gargle salt water unblock the nose
    A good home remedy on for stuffy nose is by gargling salt water. This ensures mucus in drained while at the same time killing bacteria that might be the cause. This should be done for a minute and should be carried out daily till when one feels well.
  • Stop blowing the nose or breathing through it
    One recommended way on eliminating a stuffy nose is to avoid blowing your nose. Blowing the nose worsens the situation by causing inner linings to swell. It is ideal to plug one nose at a time and blow gently. This procedure is carried on both noses repeatedly.

How to get rid of runny nose using simple procedures

Furthermore one is also recommended to stop using the nose to breath. This is ideal for extreme cases where the nose linings are swollen. Use you mouth to breath instead.

When the above home remedies are not working, it is advised that patients seek alternative medication advice on various ways for getting rid of runny nose offered by doctors. This is because there might be an infection like bacteria causing nasal linings to swell and getting inflamed.

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