How to Get Rid of Razor Burn Fast

Getting rid of razor burn fast could be an annoying thing to do if you don’t know how to apply any medication of it. Razor burns could be generally annoying. It pertains to the temporary skin irritation that is the result after shaving. Many people get razor burn for different reasons. With this, it is important to know what are the symptoms and causes of razor burn so that a right razor burn cure, remedy, and treatment could be applied. There are many ways to get rid of razor burn which make this common skin irritation issue easily solved.

Why Razor Burns Happen?


As said, many people get razor burns through different reasons. However, most of the time it has something to do with shaving too forcefully or closely or with the use of dull razor. Razor burns could be identified by itchy red bumps in the skin which last for few days. They often appear at first like slight red rashes. They commonly appear around the hair follicle as a small red bumps. This type of burn is often inflamed, itchy and uncomfortable. They are commonly seen on the underarms, throat, and face as well as on the bikini line. These are said to be most sensitive to rashes most especially in girls. Razor burns and bumps could be possible anywhere in the body.

The skin sensitivity could be the cause of razor burns. Those pole who have sensitive skin and uses razor to get rid of their unwanted hair in the body are susceptible to razor burns. The redness in the skin often appears when a razor is being pushed or pulled too hard against the skin. There are skills that are needed for shaving and people who are not yet used in shaving their sensitive areas could possibly get razor burns. Skin cells under the hair could be grabbed by razor when it is pushed too hard against the skin which results to razor bumps or burns.

Ways to Get Rid of Razor Burn Fast

How to get rid of razor burn fast could be possible with the use of many ways. If you are suffering from razor burns, here are several ways on how to put an end to the unsightly and uncomfortable problem on your sensitive skin.

  • It would be advisable not to shave your irritated skin for at least 2-3 days. This would typically give a chance to your razor bumps to heal. If you really need to shave, you could use creams that contain chemicals that won’t worsen your skin irritation.
  • Using a hot compress, you could apply heat on your razor bumps within 5-10 minutes. You could also make use of a washrag and soak it in the hot water. This would typically help your bumps shrink and could kill any germs that may worsen your skin irritation.
  • To get rid of the redness, itching, and inflammation, you could make use of hydrocortisone cream to make razor bumps fade ways. However, avoid using too much cream to avoid further irritation in your skin. Stop its use when it is not suitable to your skin.
  • For those who experiences skin rashes on their bikini areas, wear breathable clothing or cotton underwear. Clothing that is usually made of synthetic material could worsen razor burns as it doesn’t allow your skin to get air. Hence, it could also trap in sweat and bacteria that is harmful to your skin irritation.
  • Do not rub the area where you have razor burns and do not pick razor bumps while it is starting to fade way. This would usually slow the healing of your skin irritation.
  • You could put starch or use milk mash and cucumber to get rid of razor burns. Starch could be put on the razor bumps for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. You could mix ¼ cup of milk and ½ pureed cucumbers and put in a refrigerator before applying it to your razor bums for about 10-20 minutes. Make sure to rinse it off after.
  • You could also make use of razor bump removal products such as creams, lotions and oils as long as it is suited in your skin. You could get rid razor bumps by applying Tea Tree oil or Aloe vera creams on your razor burns.

How to Prevent Razor Bumps

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. Truly, you wouldn’t have any problem thinking how to get rid of razor burn fast if you are aware of the things that could make you avoid it. Razor burn cure, remedy and treatment are not things to worry about as long as you know how to avoid getting razor bumps. In order to prevent getting it, it is advisable to always use sharp razors. Make sure to always use a sharp and clean razor. Practice shaving slowly by using small strokes and tapping the razor under the hot water every after the stroke. Apply lubricant or cream when you need to double back the area you are shaving. Bear in mind to use creams or shaving soaps that do not contain chemicals sensitive in your skin.

Generally, people may avoid getting razor burns by learning few basics and skills on shaving. How to get rid of razor burn fast could be learned by consulting professionals or the internet for some tips and advices.

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