How to get rid of heartburn

Have you ever experienced a burning sensation in your chest area? Are there times that your foods taste unpleasant and unappealing? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you’re probably suffering from heartburn. Indeed, the occurrence of this causes feeling of uneasiness and sometimes it gives you bad mood. Now for you to stay giggly and jumpy all day long, you must know how to get rid of heartburn.

You should know by now that heartburn is caused by increased acidity in your stomach and the pushing back of food into the esophagus. Heartburn might also be the result of lifting training, coughing, tight clothing, obesity, pregnancy, and medical conditions like hernia and diabetes.

As for the diagnosis, it can first be detected through the symptom, primarily the burning sensation. There are also tests and exams that can be conducted to detect heartburn. There is the gastrointestinal endoscopy, wherein a special camera is placed through the mouth and into the esophagus and stomach to see the damage. Other options are upper GI series, esophageal manometry, and 24-hour ph monitoring.

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How to get rid of heartburn?

This article will further discuss the treatment of heartburn naturally and medically. It will also talk about the remedies for heartburn for pregnant women, who often suffer from this burning sensation.

Ways To Get Rid of Heartburn Naturally

The first way to treat heartburn is by the natural way. Below are the home remedies and practical solutions to this health problem:

1. Monitor What You Eat

Your food intake definitely affect the acid level in your stomach. Refrain from eating citrus fruits, too much tomatoes, chocolates, coffee, saturated fats, and processed foods because they trigger heartburn. You can still eat them, but put it in moderation. Eat garlic because it will always give benefits to your stomach.

2. Stay Hydrated

You need to drink lots of water because heartburn is sometimes caused by dehydration. Try to consume about 8 glasses of everyday especially when you are physically active. For an additional trick, put a little baking soda because it balances the the acids present in your stomach. The ratio is 1 to 2 tsp is to 8-oz glass of water.

3. Enough Oxygen

Oxygen will make the muscles connecting the stomach and esophagus in good shape. Learn to breath properly so that your body will get the oxygen it needs.

Treating Heartburn with medicine

After the natural way, here now are the medicines that will make you feel better fast in case of heartburn attack.

* Antacids
These are the suggested medication for mild manifestations of heartburn. It can give you a better feeling after 15 to 20 minutes of intake. Some examples of antacids are: alka-seltzer, maalox, mylanta, peptobismol, rolaids, and riopan. Most of the time, they are comprise of magnesium, calcium, and aluminum mixed with hydroxide or bicarbonate ions.

* Foaming agents
Through these, your stomach contents will be covered with foam in order to stop the food from being pushed back to the esophagus. One example of foaming agents is gaviscon.

* H2 blockers
Histamine receptor antagonists, h2 blockers for short, are used to lower the acidity level. Among the medicines under this are: tagamet hb, zantac, pepcid, and axid. They can be bought without prescription, and they can be taken before eating foods and drinks that may cause heartburn.

Heartburn During Pregnancy

Because of the elevated hormones, the digestion process of pregnant women slows down, hence the increase in stomach acids. Also, the growing uterus later on their pregnancy causes heartburn.

The first symptom of pregnancy-caused heartburn is the pain. It usually occurs in the lower part of the middle chest, which is behind the breastbone. The pain sometimes extends to the lower throat or jaw. Second sign is the bitter or sour taste that they experience when eating. Pregnant women also get throat problems, which makes it hard for them to swallow.

As the solution, pregnant women need to adjust their lifestyle. They should really avoid caffeine-rich foods as well as fatty and spicy foods. Pregnant women are also advised to eat four to five small portions of meal rather than three large meals every day. After eating, they can try chewing gum because it balances the acids present in the stomach. If all of the above solutions are not effective, they can consult their doctors to ask if there are allowed medicines for them to take.

Experiencing burning sensation is not a laughing matter and so every people should be know how to get rid of heartburn.

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