Home Remedies for Dry Hair – Treatment & Solutions

Using home remedies for dry hair are rapidly becoming popular at this moment. Despite from the fact that natural treatment are less expensive it is also 100 percent natural and without any harmful effects. Such Natural remedies have always been great alternatives for budget conscious individual. There is a lot of natural dry hair treatment available out there which you can utilize to substitute for expensive conditioner that helps you obtain a shiny and healthy hair like you see in many shampoo commercials that you always wanted.

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Dry Hair Treatment & Solutions – Knowing the Cause

Dry hair is considered a dull or deadly hair, and it appears as before after you take a bath. Bad hair days happen to everyone; on the other hand you can have those days frequently than not.

Having a dry hair, there is a big possibility of having dandruff. Even when it is more often a case related to oily hair, those suffering from dry hair obtain dandruff as well. Dandruff is a merely a layer of shedding skin from the scalp. Once the cells of your skin trapped on the scalp in your hair and plod or clump together, one has dandruff. This can make your hair dull and drier.

Dry hair may result from external aspects like over exposure to harmful chemicals or because of illness. Some of the externals factors for dry hair include:

  • Shampooing frequently
  • Harsh shampoo
  • Hair perms
  • Chlorine in hot tubs and  swimming pools
  • Hair dye
  • Due to excess blow drying
  • Over sun exposure and rays and wind
  • Local supplies of water with high mineral content

External aspects are simple to cure. There are many home remedies for dry hair available in your kitchen; you just have to cautious on choosing this dry hair solutions to avoid worsen the condition.

Internal factors, although do not have relatively such a fast fix. Internal factors which lead dry hair consist of:

  • Cancer treatment
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Certain medications
  • Prolonged illness

To stops this condition worsens, you need consider some easy yet reliable home remedies for dry hair.

How to Treat Dry Hair Using Natural Products

Dry hair treatment doesn’t only mean that it requires more water, needs adequate amount if oil in order to maintain its wetness or keep it moist. For shiny and healthy hair try any of the following dry hair solutions:

  • Coconut oil: you can apply coconut oil directly to your scalp and the massage and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes before washing. It makes your skin stronger and shiny.
  • Olive Oil: warm a significant amount of this home remedy treatment and apply directly to your hair. You can do this on a daily basis for best result.
  • Massage: gently massaging your scalp using some warm oil help to increase the circulation of the blood in your scalp that help promote hair growth.
  • Vinegar: vinegar is a good alternative to expensive and harmful conditioner. After washing your hair, wash it water that contains little amount of vinegar.
  • Egg: put on adequate amount of egg white on your hair for about 30 minutes and rinse it using mild shampoo. For a straight and healthy hair, try mixing egg white and lemon juice. Then after, massage your hair using essential oil for 15 minutes and wash it with shampoo. Always remember that it is very essential to massage your scalp with warm oil at least twice a month.
  • A paste prepared from honey and vegetable oil is also common home remedy for dry hair because it moisturizes your hair. After applying the paste, let stands for 20 minutes while covered by a plastic wrap or shower cap, then rinse.

Be Kind to Your Hair to Avoid (Dry, Damaged, Brittle Hair, Hair Ends)

Dry hairs is considered the most delicate kind of hair and are subject to breakage, therefore it should be given a proper care. When you are lathering, you have to be gentle. Stop yanking or pulling your hair in any manner that strains your hair shafts.  Avoid scrubbing your hair with the finger nails that may not just break your hair it can also result to scalp irritation.

Tips and Warning

Always remember to wash or rinse your hair after applying some of the home remedies for dry hair. These dry hair treatment are very efficient, on the other hand they can also leave minor side effects such as smelly and greasy. Definitely these dry hair solutions are not leave in conditioners. Therefore upon using one of the aforementioned home remedy treatments you need to make sure to rinse properly your hair using mild shampoo, there’s no need to use conditioner because you have been already treated by home remedy.

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